Impera Capital S.A. is an investment company listed on the Stock Exchange. Our experienced team conducts investment projects in the area of private equity and venture capital.
Impera Capital S.A. focuses on the Private Equity/Venture Capital investment market, looking for investment opportunities in the fields of IT, ICT, e-commerce as well as innovative products and services. As an investor we lend our competences to support business projects in which we are involved. The main objective of Impera Capital S.A. is the increase in value through the creation of a significant specialized investment entity on the Polish private investment market. As part of the adopted strategy we both directly invest in business projects and create purpose funds with our partners.

ImperaAlfalogo150x56Impera Alfa invests in innovative projects at an early stage of development which possess the so-called Polish Element [learn more]

imperaseedImpera Seed Fund is an equity fund created together with the NCF dedicated to seed capital investments [learn more]

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